Mustang Shelby for Rent Dubai

Mustang Shelby for Rent

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 is an extra-ordinary power pack equipped with a premium powerful “5.2 liters, twin-turbo charge V8 eco-boost engine”, with a 760 degree horse power which is an incredible engine capacity, making this model by Ford a “screamer” and suits you best if you want to get noticed on the road. The vehicle holds 625 lb-ft torque with a peak output up to 7500 rpm. This strong vehicle can hit 60 miles/hour in merely 60 seconds. The GT’s extreme power engine holds the capacity
to reach an acceleration rate of 0-60 km/hr in less than 4 seconds, which is an epic driving experience.
A stunning customized design with a fantastic colour variation is “lightening blue with black detailing. One of the reasons for a Mustang Shelby’s incredible driving experience is a range of “selectable driving
modes”, it offers, where you can shift from “normal, track, custom my mode to a sports plus mode” without any delay and set the response of your GT’s accelerator, steering and traction controls. It is an “android auto”, having a 10 speed automatic transmission, with a dial switch to shift with and an
adaptive cruise control.
It comes with a fast-back, long head body design encasing multiple different engine configurations. The Shelby GT 500 is macramed with eye-catching stainless steel massive grill. The Model bears fancy 20 inch carbon fiber, classy black finish wheels accompanied by 16.5 brembo brakes fitted to the splendid rims. The car has a nice interior upgrade providing a customizable display and spacious seating which is super comfortable and elegant with a cobra logo design and contrast blue stitching. It has a large diameter telescopic steering wheel and parking sensors. The Shelby GT 500 comes with an upgraded suspension system, enjoying long suspension arms delivering track capable vehicle dynamics. A fantastically impressive feature is the Mustang Shelby GT 500 is its “Active performance valve exhaust” with multiple settings from sports loud to quiet. once you fire up the engine the sound is loud enough to give you that special muscle car feel. Moreover, this stunner has a 2 position GT wing creating down
force, making it the “most planted” vehicle even at highest horsepower. Launched with a perfectionally equipped powerful engine, optioned up with the finest features and a stunning body design this Mustang Shelby GT 500 by Ford is a highly competitive, in-demand sports edition of all times.

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