Terms and Conditions


In case of accident the hirer is responsible to pay the accident penalty (the excess amount of insurance coverage). The excess amount depends on the value of vehicle. (i. e. up to 100,000: 1,500/-, 100,001 to 300,000: 2,500/-, 300,001 to 500,000: 3,500/-, above 500,001: 4,500/-). Excess amount can be up to 10,000/-. In addition the daily rent will be charged till the vehicle repairing completes. In case of “TOTAL LOSS” (Damage to vehicle beyond the economic repairs) the hirer agrees to pay the company 30% of total insured value of the vehicle besides the accident penalty (the excess amount of insurance coverage). All vehicles have comprehensive insurance as per the UAE law. However, a Police Report is mandatory for all accidents.

Jurisdiction of Insurance:

The Vehicle is only for use in UAE. In case accident location is not in UAE jurisdiction the hirer is completely responsible for the repair expenses from service agency plus the rental loss during time of repair.

Driver Age and License:

The hirer has to pay 10% of the claim amount in addition to the excess amount if the driver is aged between 21 years to 25 years. Insurance cover is only applicable on drivers with age more than 21 years and driving license more than six months old thus in case of accident such driver is liable for all repair expenses including the per day rent of the vehicle till the vehicle is repaired and available for rent.

Charges and Fees:

A service charge of AED 10/- will be levied on each fines/penalty imposed by the RTA/police/municipal and/or any other competent authority accrued during the period of hire and Salik will be charged at AED 5/- per crossing. If there is no previous agreement about weekly or monthly rate it will be calculated as daily rate.

Security deposit of all car will take 25 days minimum to returning back into account.

Alcohol/ Drug abuse:

If any accident occurred, because the driver was under the influence of alcohol or any substance having the same effect he should pay a comprehensive compensation for any losses damages to the vehicle, he shall be fully responsible in front of official authorities.

Technical/ Mechanical Trouble:

In case of any technical or mechanical troubles in the vehicle, hirer must inform us immediately. The Hirer is not allowed to make any repairs to the vehicle. The hirer is responsible for returning the vehicle in the same condition as it was rented to him. In case of any mechanical or technical problems resulting from the hirer’s misuse of vehicle the hirer has to pay for the agency repair and rental for each day till repair is complete.

Misuse/ Off Road Use:

The Hirer should not use the vehicle for off road driving, races, rallies or competitions and will be responsible for any penalties and damages in result of such activity. Hirer should not sublease the vehicle, and only the hirer or the additional driver can drive the vehicle. Hirer agrees not to use the vehicle to transport any forbidden items in UAE.

Lost and Found:

We will not be responsible for any cash or valuable belongings left or lost inside the vehicle while it was in the possession of hirer. However as a good customer service policy we keep a record of lost and found.

Millage Limits:

The Hirer is allowed to drive 350 km per day and 5,000 km per month above that we will charge 0.5 AED per km. One day hire means 24 hours and one month hire means 30 days and more than one hour late will be calculated full day.

Extension of Term of Hire:

The term of hire cannot be extended beyond the decided time. Car Rental DXB have a complete right to stop the engine of car in case of delay in returning the car by the hirer or in case the hirer is not reachable on phone.

Office Timings:

The vehicle can be returned from 9 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 10 pm From Saturday to Thursday. Excessive charges of AED 200 will apply if the vehicle is returned on Friday or any other Public Holiday.

Returning the vehicle:

The vehicle can be returned to our office within the timings mentioned above. If you want the vehicle to be picked from you please call our office two hours before the time of pick up.

Delivery and Pick up:

Delivery and pick up is free within a vicinity of 60km from Dubai International Airport. An extra charge of 200 per trip is applicable otherwise.

(All amounts and rates are mentioned in UAE Dirham)


Please Note: terms and condition for luxury and supercar might bit differ and can be read on car specific page.