Car Rental DXB FAQ

Minimum age to Rent a Car in Dubai?

The minimum age to rent any car in Dubai from our company is 21. So, if you are 21 year old or above, then you can rent any car in Dubai.

What are the requirements for Renting a Car in Dubai?

The Car Rental requirements are very simple. You just need to bring your valid passport and driving license with you.

Can i rent a car in Dubai with only picture of my driving license?

This all depends upon the management. If they will feel that the picture of your driving license is enough for allowing you to rent any car in Dubai from us then you can.

Can i add second driver or even more?

We allow you to add a second driver and even more than 2 drivers for free of cost.

How payment works for Rental Cars in Dubai?

If you are making an advance booking then you can make payment upon arrival or on delivery of the car. Our company driver will bring a card machine with him and you can make payment by card and by cash even

Can i use one deposit for different rental cars?

Yes, You can use one single deposit for different rental cars. Furthermore, you have to pay the difference, if there will be more deposit required. As we take 5000 AED deposit for Supercars and 2000 AED deposit for normal and most of the Luxury Cars.

Can i drive car to other states of United Arab Emirates?

Yes, You can drive car to the other states of United Arab Emirates.

How many mileage are allowed on one day rental basis?

We allow 350 Kilometers / Day for most of the Economic and Medium types of cars. Whereas Luxury Cars and Supercars come with 250 Kilometer limit.

Can i take rental car from Dubai to Qatar or to another country?

No, We have restrictions on Insurance Policy, and just for that reason, We strictly don’t allow you to take any of our cars outside the United Arab Emirates.

which insurance comes with rental cars in Dubai?

We offer comprehensive insurance for all rental cars in Dubai.

What is comprehensive insurance?

in case of an accident if there is not your fault then you will not pay anything. but in case, if there is your fault then you will pay only insurance excess money. This will be different for different cars and can be from 1000 AED to 5000 AED. A police report will be required in case of an accident. Furthermore, if your age is below 25 then you will also pay 10% or 20% of the damage claim amount.

Can i get full insurance with Luxury and Exotic Car Rental Dubai?

We mostly deal in Luxury and Exotic Cars in Dubai. As of now, we don’t offer full insurance with any of our listed vehicles.

Can i get car from the Airport?

We provide free car delivery and pickup service to all terminals of Dubai International Airport.

How many hours are included in one day car rental in Dubai?

If you rented a car in Dubai for one day then you will be able to drive that car for 24 Hours.
For Example: If you rent a car at 11 pm then you must have to return that car at 11 pm or before to avoid any extra charge.

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