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Best Model Ferrari Rental in Dubai

Ferrari is a leading brand in sports car manufacturers and almost everyone in this whole world know about ferrari brand and cars very well but all can not afford to buy this super sports car and there one wish left in heart of driving this super sports car.
So if you are to drive this supercar than ferrari rental dubai is best option for you because by renting car you can fulfill your wish of driving this supercar without investing a huge amount of money.
Dubai is a luxurious city in this world and very famous for sports car rental. Many people visit this luxurious city to make their life moments special and more memorable. So if you are ok with travel and want to fulfill your wish of driving ferrari than dubai is the best option as per my experience and opinion.
Ferrari comes in very different models but most common and most demanding models are mentioned below
Ferrari 488 GTB
Ferrari 488 Spider
Ferrari 458 Spider
Ferrari California
Ferrari F12
These are the most common and most renting models of ferrari. But if you looking for best option than go for 488 and 458.
what is minimum age requirement to drive ferrari in Dubai
Car Rental Policies for insurance is different but most sports rent a car companies demands minimum of 21 age requirement to drive this supercar.
Looking for ferrari hourly rental dubai?
Many people want ferrari only for few hours to feel the pleasure of driving a sports car but is it really worthy to drive supercar first time in life time but only for few hours? I would like to recommend a full day rental as only few kilometers you get on hourly basis and have to be bound regarding time, kilometers and many other thing. So if you really want to live moments while driving ferrari than go fo day base rental.
How many kilometers normally comes with rent a ferrari for an hour?
Normally rental companies give 50 Kilometers only for ferrari hourly rental. If you will exceed kilometers than you may have to pay extra depending on rental company terms and conditions.

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